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Hello friends! Welcome to Scrapidoodlelicious. I am Lorela but preferred to be called Ela. I am living in Richmond, British Columbia here in Canada with my loving husband, Donne and our son, Nathan. Since I gave birth to my son on November 2009, I stayed at home. I only have one child but believe me I am a very busy bee. I have no complains about it. I love serving my love of my life. Our number one priority as a family is personal relationship with God. To all of these things that I am doing, I give glory to Him.

Where in this world I got my blog's name? I love creating words. Since, I love scrapbooking (Scrap), trying hard to draw and design (doddle), and I think of this a delicious way of giving spice and relaxation in my life (licious) that's why I came out with this name. Love it?!

What relaxes me? Crafting. Anything from altering stuff, decorating, creating handmade accessories is like a spa to me. If I have one project on my mind, I will do everything to do it but my first priority in accomplishing my projects is to save.

Want to know more about me? I am obsessed to Ataulfo Mango (Rajan Brand), Corn Flakes with Mango, Nescafe 3 in 1 Coffee with 2% Milk prepared in my favorite mug (Micky Mouse and Snowman) and Sweet Bun (Pandesal, as we call it in Philippines), Spicy Scalllop Sushi Roll, cardio workout while strolling my son, walking around in a shopping center or park with my husband and our son. 

Is there anything else I do at home? I also sell some Filipino Homemade Sweets (Kakanin). Visit my blog/website HERE. I am planning to open an Etsy store soon for accessories. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you are inspired by my projects. I hope to see you as a member of my blog and be part of your blog too and develop friendship. I welcome your emails and comments.

Email me at scrapidoodlelicious@gmail.com

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