Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to change your Bell Lamp Shade to Drum Lamp Shade

I bought a pair of lamp in Craigslist. It came with a pair of bell lamp shades that are looks humongous for the lamps. I do not have a budget to buy a pair of drum lamp shades. Since the shades are big, I decided to try and convert it to drum shade. If I fail, then I will be patient to look for lamp shades in Craigslist. It's good I didn't. 

Here's how I did it.

Remove the top and bottom lining

Separate the metal ring to the shade itself.

Measure the circumference of the top shade.

Separate the metal ring to the shade.

Create a pattern. Make sure to add an inch to the circumference of the top shade. (For the height, I maximize the height of the shade)

Lay flat your pattern on top of your shade. (Notice that the bottom part of your shade is not enough on your pattern. Don't worry.)

Mark your pattern on your shade.

Cut through your markings and set aside the excess.

Lay flat your pattern and your cut shade. Insert the excess cut shades to the bottom sides to create extensions on both sides. Use tape to secure them. Marks with pencil and cut according to the pattern.

Sew the extensions. If you don not have sewing machine (like me), use a styrofoam and pointy object such as big needle to create holes for the needle to easily go through when sewing.

Start sewing. (I used back stitch). Once done set aside.

Cut the large metal ring.

Create a smaller loop (same size as the top ring). Use an electrical tape to secure the loop. Cut any excess. (These excess are hard to twist inside the loop. Mostly it's the end part of the ring)

Here's how it looks like. (I don't know why it portrait while my picture is landscape.)  
Set these aside.

Lay flat your shade (right side up).  
Run a paper tape from end to end
(I use hot glue just to make sure that the paper tape will not come off in the future.)

Cut the tape so it would be easy for you to adhere it in the  metal ring. (This how it look like when wrong side up.)

Start connecting the metal ring to your shade by adhering the tape.   (I once again used a hot glue close to the ring to secure the tape. If you think the tape is big, cut the excess before adhering it.) Do the same on the bottom ring.

Once done, put the lining back using hot glue.

Now you have a drum lamp shade.

This is the back with the extension parts. 
(I was thinking to cover it with fabric but I decided to maintain it neutral. 
In the future I will make a removable cover that I can replace anytime when I am tired with the pattern.)

 Here's the before and after photo.
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